The Sims FreePlay Cheats

The Sims Freeplay Hack - It's Time To Cheat Simoleons and LifeStyle Points

The Sims Freeplay is a simulation game that is based on strategic life. The game is created by one of the most famous developers EA mobile and fire monkeys studios. It is a single-player game where the players can build and customize various houses. Not only can this but you also create 100 people who are referred to as Sims in the game. The Sims can be controlled to fulfill their wishes.

There are various currencies in the game as well that the players will require collecting. Now, as these currencies play a significant role in the gameplay, it becomes necessary to have a good hand with them. So if you are not able to on sufficient of them, then you can always opt for Sims Freeplay cheats. Thereby you will get hold of a good amount of funds in the game.

Basic gameplay

The basic gameplay is based on completing the requirements of Sims in the city so that you can keep them happy and satisfied.

There are six basic needs of the people referred to as Sims in the game. These are:

  • Bladder need
  • Hunger need
  • Energy need
  • Social need
  • Hygiene need
  • Entertain need


There is a couple of tasks that the players require completing in the game. To give you better information about all types of tasks here we have reiterated all of them in brief below:


The Quests are one of the essential tasks that can't be skipped at all. To move on to the next Quest, you will require completing the previous one beforehand. These questions are for a limited time in the Quest Bar, and if you accomplish it, then you will be rewarded with genuine price.

Weekly tasks

The weekly tasks are a collection of gold that you will require completing. An accomplishment of this task you will be rewarded with these which are one of the most exclusive items in the game. You can then use your keys to purchase mystery boxes from the shop. The weekly task is represented with the blue symbol in the game.

Social tasks

The particular set of goals is represented with a symbol of purple color. These goals need to be completed in the town of your neighbor. For each goal, you will obtain a certain amount of social points. To get the neighbors, you can connect the game with your Facebook account or the game center.

In-game funds

There are three main credits in the game that you will require collecting. The three credits are simoleons, social points, and lifestyle points. Let's have a look at them below to get a little more information.


The simoleons are represented by a Green symbol in the game and are the main currency in the game. It can only be purchased by spending money on them.


Next up we have the points which you can consider these as the special currencies.

  • First, we have Lifestyle Points using which you can buy the Exclusive pieces of stuff in the game. It can also be used to speed up your actions. You can also have them in exchange for real money.
  • Next up, we have the social points which can be owned by completing some of the social tasks in the houses of your neighborhood. You can also obtain these points in community events for life events.

If spending real-life currency is not an option for you, then don't worry you always got the back of Sims Freeplay hack. The hack will provide you with a generous amount of find in the game so that you can focus on completing the task and goals rather than fretting about collecting the points.


That's all for the essential aspects of the game. Every player should know these before landing up in the game. Thereby a complete knowledge of these elements will take you forward in the game.