The Sims FreePlay Hack

The Sims FreePlay Hack

The Sims Freeplay Hack – Simoleons and Lifestyle Points Cheats

Sims Freeplay is an addictive simulation game, which is developed and published by Electronic Arts Games (EA Games). In this game, you begin by choosing your suitable avatar or you can create a gaming character from scratch. As a Sim, you will have complete freedom to design your tropical getaway destination; where everything from the house to the interiors and surroundings will be designed by you.



The game is extremely engrossing and requires tons of in-game currencies. If you wish to make a town that is self-sufficient and keep all town folks happy then you need to earn currencies. As the game is free to play, most of the items can be bought with in-game currencies. Below mentioned are some of the in-game items and currencies, which are vital for your success in the game.

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Simoleons are the main in-game currency, which can be received in the form of profits from recreational and utility buildings. You can also receive a fixed sum in the form of rent from the Sims on daily basis. The amount of rent depends on the type of house that is occupied by the Sim. You will also receive a certain sum of Simoleons on leveling up in the game and doing different tasks. Simoleons can be used in order to construct buildings, houses, etc. and can also be used to upgrade current houses by purchasing furniture and changing interiors. This currency can easily be generated with The Sims Freeplay Cheats.



Lifestyle Points:

Lifestyle Points are the secondary in-game currency but are more important in comparison to Simoleons. Lifestyle Points can be earned by leveling up in the game or completing missions and quests. The currency can be used to purchase special buildings and items, which cannot be bought with Simoleons or generated with The Sims Freeplay Hack.

Each activity you perform in the game; such as, sending Sim to work, completing tasks, etc. requires a pre-defined amount of time. However, if you want to finish these chores instantly then you can do it by using Lifestyle Points. You need to keep your Sim happy by maintaining their health, hygiene, and social life. If you are unable to do so, then you can feed them Cup Cakes and instantly make them happy. Cup Cakes will completely fill the Happiness Meter of your Sim, and can be purchased with Lifestyle Points.

You can earn the required amount of Simoleons and Lifestyle Points by working hard in the game or you can choose to purchase them with real world money. Alternatively, you can useThe Sims FreePlay Hack that is easily available on the Internet for generating unlimited Simoleons and Lifestyle Points.

If you are willing to purchase these currencies then ensure that you purchase when there are offers available, or pick a bigger currency pack in order to get the best possible deal. If you do not want to spend time or money, then you can follow the below mentioned tips, which will aid you in earning game currency:

Free Simoleons:

You can watch promotional videos several times a day in order to earn Simoleons in the game. You get 150 Simoleons and 75 Experience Points each time you watch a promotional video. So, try to watch as many promotional videos as you can each day, in order to get the maximum amount of Simoleons and Experience Points. Also, you can try The Sims FreePlay Cheats.

Daily And Weekly Tasks:

The game provides a list of tasks, which can be completed on daily or weekly basis in order to earn rewards. These tasks are simple in the beginning; but, they become increasingly difficult as you level up in the game. The rewards offered on completing these tasks also keeps on increasing, so try to complete as many daily and weekly tasks as you can in order to earn in-game currency.

Character Customization:

You can customize your Sim by choosing from hundreds of clothing and accessories available at hand. You can purchase from a wide range of hats, tops, pants, shoes, and accessories, or you can purchase an entire outfit that will be suitable for certain occasions.

Outdoor Decorations:

You can decorate the outdoor area of your Sim’s house by constructing different items such as Garden Patches, Bench, Lamp Post, etc. You can also place outdoor furniture, decorations, trees, and plants in your garden area to make your garden look more attractive.

Recreational And Employment Buildings:

You are entirely responsible for providing gainful employment to all your Sims and their happiness lies in your hands. You need to constantly create employment opportunities for your Sims by constructing places such as Fire Station, Art Gallery, Movie Studio, Hospital, Police Station, Recording Studio, etc. You can also construct places such as Community Centre, Park, Movie Theatres, etc., which adds utility to your town and increases happiness of your Sims.

Macro And Micro Level Gaming:

The game provides the players complete freedom to control each and every Sim of their town. You can choose the way they dress, look, as well as their occupation; thereby giving you a Micro Level gaming experience. At Macro Level, you can take control of the entire town and make it an excellent getaway destination for all your Sims, which is filled with tons of activities and ample opportunities for all.

Level Up Perks And Benefits:

Earn some amount of in-game currency and unlock new buildings on leveling up. When you construct the new unlocked buildings, it will add to your town’s utility and also increase your town’s net worth in the game.

Sim Tracker:

Managing multiple Sims at once can be a tricky job, so the game has a tab called Sim Tracker. This tab will give you details of each and every Sim, so that you can assign tasks to the Sims that is appropriate. You can also view their hobbies and current occupation by using this tab. Moreover, you can instantly switch between different Sims by using this option.

Sims Freeplay is one of the finest games that you can play to relieve yourself of your daily stress. Don’t forget to use the aforesaid tips and try Sims Freeplay hacks so that you can compete with other players effortlessly. Have fun!

The Sims FreePlay Hack Try Now

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