SimCity BuildIt Hack

SimCity BuildIt Hack

SimCity BuildIt Hack – Simoleons and SimCash Cheats That Works Easily

SimCity Buildit is a cool town building simulation game where you have to build an urban city from scratch. The game is free to play on both Android and iOS devices and is published by Electronic Arts (EA) Games. In the game, you play the role of the mayor of your city and you need to constantly upgrade your city and its facilities. This will encourage more and more people to come and live in your city.



To solve your worries, our gaming experts have devised a wonderful SimCity Buildit Hack. With our hack, all your gaming worries will be solved instantly. Our hack is a reputed and reliable tool that has been used by hundreds of gamers. None of them have ever faced any difficulties while using it; so Simoleons:

Simoleons are the main currency of the game. You need to earn them for upgrading existing buildings and buying new ones.

SimCity Buildit Hack Try

How To Earn Simoleons?



  • You can take rent and charge taxes in the form of Simoleons from Sims that are living in your city.
  • Complete various missions and daily tasks to earn them.
  • A better option is to make use of our smart SimCity Buildit Hack to acquire Simoleons in huge amounts.


SimCash is the premium in-game currency. You need to earn them for speeding up the entire tasks in the game. Upgrading becomes easier and quicker with SimCash.

How To Earn SimCash?

  • SimCash can be purchased with real money.
  • When you complete a level successfully in the game, you can earn them.
  • There are some tricky and special challenges available in the game. Complete them and earn SimCash.
  • Keep your Sims happy and earn in-game currencies.
  • If you want to earn them instantly, then the only option left is to make use of our SimCity Buildit Cheats.

Other than Simoleons and SimCash, there are some special Tokens that will be required for buying premium buildings. These are the Platinum and Golden Keys, which can be earned by completing shipments and contests.

How To Use SimCity Buildit Hack?

To generate currencies instantly, you need to go to our official website. Fill in your gaming username, operating system, and required amount of currencies. Within a few seconds, the requisite amount of SimCash and Simoleons will be credited to your gaming account.

What Are The Additional Advantages Of Using Our SimCity Buildit Hack?

Our SimCity Buildit Hack is a user-friendly tool, so all gamers can use it easily. The inbuilt anti-ban feature will keep your gaming character protected and saved from getting banned in the game. As our tool is completely free of viruses, your device will not be able to get virus at all.

The inbuilt auto-updater will save a lot of time and let you enjoy the game without any interruptions. This is because the feature will keep the tool regularly updated. Irrespective of where you live, you can use our appwithout any problems as it is a universally working tool.

Our app works like a charm on all Android and iOS devices. No need to root or jailbreak your device for using it. So, start using our tool immediately and generate tons and tons of SimCash and Simoleons., you too can avail its benefits effortlessly.

Platinum And Golden Keys:

They are special currencies or Tokens, which can be used to purchase specialized buildings for your town. Once constructed, these buildings are essential for development of any town and leads to Happy Sims. Golden Keys can be earned by completing shipments or disaster challenges while Platinum Keys can be earned by competing in contests of mayors.

You can earn these currencies by working hard in the game or you can purchase them with real money. Another feasible alternative is to use Simcity Buildit Cheats for generating both currencies in huge amounts. If you want to earn them by working hard in the game, then below mentioned tips will surely help you out:

City Journal:

The City Journal contains list of tasks, which can be completed in order to gain rewards. You can keep tabs of these tasks and plan in order to complete them. These are basic tasks, which actually shapes your town to become a developed metropolitan city.

Watching Ads:

This is the simplest way of earning in-game currencies as it is quick and instantly rewards you with Simoleons. However, there is a daily limit to the number of times that you can watch ads and earn rewards. So, make sure you do it daily without fail.

Selling Supplies:

Upgrading and constructing building requires supplies such as nails, iron, wood, etc. These supplies can also be sold for instant currency. If you are in need of Simoleons then you can easily get them by selling your supplies to neighboring towns.


Taxes form a major portion of your city’s income, which can be again ploughed back into providing Sims with more amenities and housing facilities. In order to earn taxes, you have to build and upgrade more houses so that additional Sims come and stay in your city. Also, you need to make sure that each house gets amenities required, which are power, water, etc. If your Sims stay happy then they will not migrate to other cities. In fact their happiness status will induce other Sims to migrate to your city.

If you follow the above mentioned tips then you can build a town of your dreams and be the greatest mayor soon. The game has millions of followers who play on a daily basis and below are some of the reasons, which will induce you to try it:

Mayor Of The City:

As you are a Mayor of the city, you are entrusted with all the responsibilities big or small, which are required for the growth and development of your city. You have to carefully plan and develop a city that is loved by all and has all the required amenities for a sustainable life. By becoming a mayor, you can understand very well how a city can be managed and run. Also, you can come to know about the finances of managing and running a city.


Every successful city has a wide variety of buildings, which ranges from housing spaces to commercial or factory premises. You have to keep adding new houses in your town so that new Sims can migrate to your town. Also, you need to ensure that additional raw materials can be procured by adding more number of factory units.

The different residential buildings in the game are Residential Zone, Parisian Zone, London Town Zone, Omega Zone and Tokyo Town Zone. Some of the types of factories are Small Factory, Basic Factory, Mass Production Factory, High-Tech Factory, and Nano-Tech Factory. The type of building you own defines your town’s development and status as these buildings can be unlocked if your city has required certain number of Sims.

Connecting By Roads:

By merely building facility buildings, residential buildings, and commercial buildings is not enough as you have to make sure that they are well-connected to each other with the road access. If any of your city buildings is not connected through road access then it will be of no use and will not generate any income to the city. So, make sure you construct and manage all your buildings in such as way that they are well-connected to the roads and to each other as well.

City Folk Or Sims:

Increasing the number of City Folk or Sims is the main aim of the game as no successful city can be made without the city men! So, you have to keep on increasing the number of Sims in your city by constructing residential, commercial buildings, and facility buildings. Apart from increasing the number of Sims in your town, you also need to ensure that your Sims stays happy.

You can know your city’s happiness meter my checking the happiness icon on the game screen. If your happiness meter is low then you can increase it by doing some tasks such as moving factories away from the city, making some other small alterations of other buildings, etc.

All in all, SimCity Buildit is an interesting online game that will keep you busy informing your city as the best one. The game has acquired 4.7 stars out of 5 on the rating chart. So, you should give it a shot and also don’t forget to try Simcity Buildit Cheats!


SimCity Buildit Hack Try

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  1. Been playing this game for a long time but ever since I got to level 30 it has become very difficult because resources are very hard to get by but after using this great app have been able to get all the resources that I need 10 out of 10 would recommend!

  2. What an absolutely great app. It has helped me get a lot of resources which have helped me to upgrade my city I would recommend this app to anyone who needs resources 10/10

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