Beneath Two Skies

Until Next Time

January 11th, 2014 by Rhoelyn

Points of Convergence is closed.

(Really, you probably realized that a long time ago. I apologize for the disappearance instead of a proper goodbye.)

This space may or may not be repurposed in the future. Until that time, I thank everyone who has ever read, commented, enjoyed, or visited this site. My goals on this blog were half-altruistic and half-selfish, but they were all dependent on your support and appreciation.

May the next adventure, whatever and whenever it is, be so grand.


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  • teh Khol Abides

    So long and thanks for all the fish!

About Beneath Two Skies

Living in two environments simultaneously is the unique conflict of the modern MMO gamer, and it's a challenge of epic proportions. (And you thought Illidan was tough?!) Here, we want to explore the points of convergence between our two worlds, from creative inspiration that artists and craftsmen can find in the game to tips and tricks that can help players take care of themselves and their 'real' lives while still enjoying the game. How can you show your love for both the World of Warcraft and the world of your craft? How can you take good care of your toon and take good care of yourself?

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