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She Blog-ged Me with Science

July 7th, 2011 by Rhoelyn

There’s a certain level of perfectionism (okay, a certain high level) that I put into all of my blog posts. Graphics, layout, editing – I run through the whole package with a rather fine-toothed comb before I let my mouse hover anywhere near “Publish”.

I am generally pleased with the result of this effort in every way save one: I can’t craft a post in less than an hour. It may not sound like anything resembling the end of the world, but it means that I also can’t post as often as I might wish.

It’s my wish to be a more predictable, more reliable blogger. I want to get back to the other half of the subject for which I built this blog: the living part of life as a WoW player. The balance between the two skies we live under – a balance that, funny enough, is healthy enough in my own life that it usually ensures I don’t get to write to you about it.

That’s my goal. And this is my experiment to see if I can reach it by letting myself be less-than-perfect. By just writing and sharing – no pretty pictures, no WMV and Photoshop wand-waving, no fancy formatting and tweaking.

Heck, no computer. I’m writing this on my phone. (Technicality, I know. This phone is more ‘computer’ than probably the first five desktops I owned.)

So, if you start seeing a little more that’s a little less from me, I hope it’ll turn out to be a lot better, overall.


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