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Budget Fun: Song Lyric Screenshot

May 11th, 2010 by Rhoelyn

Anea over at “Oh, Look! An alt!” shared this fun idea with the WoW Twitteratti. The idea is to pick a screenshot from your voluminous (if you’re me, at least, and probably 3/4 of the WoW bloggers out there) screenshots folder and match it up to appropriate song lyrics.

The moment I saw this old shot from Winter’s Veil 2005 (omigosh, did I just date myself?!), I could hear exactly who was singing in the background.

Gnomish Winter's Veil - 2005

Are you intrigued? Amused? Defenestrated? Well, if you want more of the same, please check out the other participants in the picto-meme:

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  • Anea

    Oh man. I don’t remember Winter Veil 2005 vividly, but I DO remember the New Year’s Eve pool party I went to for 1999 and they played that just about every other song.

    …earwormed D:

  • Rhoelyn

    BWAHAHA! Victory. ;) Enjoy the song… over and over again… for the rest of the day!

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